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 Common House Elliott

In the monumental building of the previous Postkantoor (post office) of Middelburg, there is the answer to years of students’ prayers: the Common House Elliott. Elliott is the home to students and the home to the complete UCR community.

Elliott consists of a café/ restaurant, study room, classrooms, meeting rooms, and a downstairs party bar. During the weekdays of the semester, Elliott is open to cater to the needs of members of the university from 8:30 until 00:00. On weekends we are open from 10:00 until 18:00. As part of its goal to provide for the students, Elliott exists to facilitate you. This entails that not only any student can book and reserve space within Elliott for their academic needs, but events such as parties, society events or conferences have the opportunity to be held within the building. 

The Common House is a place that serves as social hub, a centre for all students to come together and truly develop themselves in a social and academic setting – be this through working on group assignments, participating in for instance debates, theatre plays, conferences or art groups or just through sharing a meal or a drink. Elliott wants to stimulate students further to share their thoughts, their experiences and their opinions, to encourage banter, disputation and simple relaxation with friends – those intangible, non-graded aspects of an education that can make the years spent at a university truly exceptional. 

Above all, the Common House is a joint communal project that completely relies on students to, among others, man the bars, pour drinks and subsequently drink them, decorate the building, and give feedback to the board. The Common House Elliott Board assures that this is handled in the most effective way and has the ultimate responsibility to make all of this happen.

If you are interested in more information, please take a look on our webpage or send an e-mail to!


Common House Board 2017-2018:


Jasper Valent - Chair

Joost Gerretschen - Secretary

Koen van der Blij - Treasurer

Anne van Roozendaal - Operations Manager

Diederik ten Brink - Building Manager

Naomi Colvoort - Bar Team Chair

Dagmar Oosthoek - Mensa Team Chair

Alex Cole - Food Team Chair


Elliott 2017,2.jpg